Nick Simson

🚩 This website is undergoing an open redesign, so if anything looks [not deliberately] wonky, that’s why.


Nick Simson
Photo by Peter Jakubowski

Profile #

I am a public sector communication designer with over a decade of professional experience. Most of my day is spent designing, building and maintaining websites at a large public university.

I also occasionally contribute pixels, code, and CMS know-how for small projects, independent artists and other worthy causes. I’m married to Eleanor, who makes paintings. We live in Knoxville with Zelda, our dog.

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Elsewhere #

Email is still the best way to reach me, but I do maintain a presence at the following:

(Most other Nick Simsons out there are not me)


About this Website #

This is my personal website and blog. Like most websites, this one is perpetually under development. You can track its progress at this GitHub repo. I build and deploy this with Eleventy and Netlify, and I am prioritizing performance and accessibility. For those interested in digging deeper, I’m writing a series of posts as I fine tune the design and tech behind the site.