🚩 This website is undergoing an open redesign, so if anything looks wonky, that’s why.



Lockdown #

Since the coronavirus pandemic is continuing to rage across the United States, I’m sheltering in place this winter and mainly working from home. I’m resisting doomscrolling and fighting off boredom by working on my personal site once more after a dormant period. Follow along with my redesign posts.

Learning #

This year, I am honing my web skills by revisiting each core web technology (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and re-learning this medium with more breadth and depth. I am also exploring certification as an accessibility professional.

Reading #

The days are starting to get longer, and so are the books. Here are my current titles:

Volunteering #

I’m serving my final year as a vestry member at St. James’ Episcopal Church in 2021.

We’re continuing to build people power with Justice Knox in this organization’s fifth year. I’m getting involved with affordable housing research and leading a network team again.

Knoxville #

The Scruffy Little City continues to be home base. I’ve been enjoying learning more local history by attending the Knoxville History Project’s regular events on Zoom.