Nick Simson

🚩 This website is undergoing an open redesign, so if anything looks [not deliberately] wonky, that’s why.
URL Page Title
/posts/hello-world/ Deploy
/posts/2015-collaborating-tumbleweeds/ Collaborating on the new Tumbleweeds site
/posts/2015-reading-is-hazardous/ Reading is hazardous
/posts/2015-everyday-developers/ Everyday developers
/posts/2015-becoming-an-everyday-developer/ Becoming an everyday developer
/posts/2016-many-best-practices/ Many best practices
/posts/2016-adaptive-web-design/ Javascript is not your interface.
/posts/2016-in-books/ Books finished in 2016
/posts/2017-in-books/ Books finished in 2017
/posts/2018-in-books/ Books finished in 2018
/posts/2019-in-books/ Books finished in 2019
/posts/2020-mmxx/ MMXX
/posts/2020-newww-year/ Ready for a Newww Year
/posts/2020-learn-html-with-jen-simmons/ Learn HTML with Jen Simmons
/posts/2020-redesign-webfonts-html/ Web fonts and base HTML
/posts/2020-redesign-scaffolding/ Scaffolding
/posts/2020-in-books/ Books finished in 2020
/posts/2021-cedric-johnson-policing-education-inequality/ Cedric Johnson on Public Goods and Inequality
/info/ Information